"Andre and his team are AMAZING! My husband and I first met them..

"Andre and his team are AMAZING! My husband and I first met them last year when we took a trip to Wailea. My hubby is incredible when it comes to jewelry and when we were taking a walk around Wailea, he insisted on stopping into this beautiful store. We've been looking for a jeweler that would be able to custom make a pair of earrings to match a beautiful estate green tourmaline ring he'd given for me at Christmas. We were just browsing and met Amy who is just delightful!! Hubby spied a beautifully curvy gorgeous diamond necklace that Amy insisted on me trying on, even just for fun! Anyway long story short...Hubby insisted we purchase it (yes, I'm a lucky girl) and he wanted to meet Andre so that we could discuss designing the tourmaline earrings...

this would take too long to type out the whole story on my phone but suffice it to say Andre and team found the perfect stones to match in order to craft the new earrings...in addition, his team replaced a stone in one of my other favorite rings...most of this was done through the mail back at home...again his team executed all of the flawlessly.

Everything is their store is gorgeous and they are like family the moment you walk in...it's a fun party and you get to play with all the sparklys!!!

Thanks, Greenleaf family!!"


-Dawn S.