Your guide to learning about the 4C's of Diamonds

In Material Science, there are several ways of classifying metals. Today, the 4Cs is the universal method for checking the quality of any diamond. To standardize diamond grading, even Greenleaf Diamonds uses the method to avoid unnecessary confusion.


Things You didn’t know about fine jewelry

Jewelry has been around for millennia, but many people know little about it. If you need to get some interesting facts about jewelry, Greenleaf Diamonds has got you covered.


Selecting the right fine jewelry for you

Thinking of having custom jewelry designed? Simple, you have an answer. Possessing custom jewelry is a side-by-side project development grounded off a client’s wishes. As opposed to walking into any store and selecting items that have already gone through all elaborate processes, custom jewelry involves different processes. Markedly, they entail indulging in deep creative play and making pieces of jewelry for the things that you specifically imagine and want.


What you need to know about the 4C's of Diamonds

Globally, 95 percent of the world’s diamonds by value and approximately 85 percent by volume go through the extractive and marketing processes by mining conglomerates. Typically, these ethical diamond establishments run their operations with unprecedented transparency and take charge of their environmental and communal impact. All these subjects form part of thoroughly audited sustainability reports.


How to find out a ring size and what comes next when purchasing fine jewelry

The growth of the internet has allowed people to have access to all corners of the globe. During the pandemic, people rarely left the comfort of their homes to run errands because most of the things were accessible and available on the internet. The same is true about gaining measurements before ordering jewelry or even hinting at unique engagement rings. You can visit a jeweler, but that does not match or meet the desired secrecy standards. Significantly, it ruins the subtlety of unintentionally leaving browsers open to allow partners to get hints.


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