Selecting the right fine jewelry for you.

Affording Fine Jewelry

Thinking of having custom jewelry designed? Simple, you have an answer. Possessing custom jewelry is a side-by-side project development grounded off a client’s wishes. As opposed to walking into any store and selecting items that have already gone through all elaborate processes, custom jewelry involves different processes. Markedly, they entail indulging in deep creative play and making pieces of jewelry for the things that you specifically imagine and want. 

Indubitably, here and now, when someone says it is a simple process, that is the truth. In reality, this is how it all works. The first step is a sit-down appointment with one of our expert design consultants, this typically takes half an hour to around sixty minutes. The who process is an interview that involves digging deeper to have a better understanding. Some of the questions include; 

  • Do you have a particular idea of what you want? (Well, if you do not have an idea, no worries! An experienced employee from the team will walk you through the journey of exploring different ideas and nailing down a close one)
  • Do you have stones that will form part of the project? (Unless otherwise, the team can supply all the stones needed. The team can even show unique selections where people can pick out the best pieces) 
  • Any desired timeline? (From time to time those marriage proposals can come in as flash floods, but the team can always handle it!)
  • What is your budget? (Irrespective of the budget, it is paramount to find a remedy.) Usually, this is the biggest idea that individuals have about custom designed jewelry. The designs are for any budget and there are many ways to be creative.

Before leaving the store or shop, the team will offer an approximate estimate of the project cost. At this point, it is necessary to take a non-refundable deposit. Taking a non-refundable deposit will allow the shop to offer detailed sketches, prepare the stone selection for the project, and even initiate the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) rendering contingent on the discussion. After the selection of the stones and the confirmation of the designs, there is a set timeline until completion. All through this duration, the jewelry piece is set on the selected metal and then cautiously finished along with the diamond stones set by experts. And voila! You now have custom jewelry!

Similar to shops that sell diamond stones, it is important for us to focus on love for the jewelry to bring clients’ desires to life. All through the detailed process of design, the team needs to honor the prospect of exploring the avenues available to safeguard the best experience. Remember, it forms part of any organization’s critical value to explore diamond trade-ins for anniversary upgrades along with selling gold pieces to offset all the project costs. The sky must and will always be the limit. 

Well, here is another answer to all the mind-boggling questions about custom jewelry. As clients, it is necessary to be the go-to source and have the unique ability to do custom pieces for different budgets. Designing jewelry must and will always form part of an organization’s passions and its gemological background. 

It is important to have confidence in the fact that every client deserves to have something that is truly one-of-a-kind or unique. Whether a client’s desire is the creation of a piece from scratch or maybe they wish to include sentimental family stones into a valuable piece, it is vital to offer assistance through the process.

The process of custom design begins with spending time with clients. It is necessary to know the customer, their preferences, and the things that they love. From that, everything that follows is a journey – bubbly discussions, scrupulous drawings, tracked by obtaining the right metals and stones, and the presentation of the finished piece. It may well be such a satisfying and pleasant experience, particularly knowing that the pieces hold deep meaning and value.

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to buying engagement rings. Your budget is just as unique as the ring that you desire. 

Nonetheless, taking your desire to the next level ought to be one of the most stirring times. It should not be stressful. To ease stress, it is important to follow honest and unbiased tips for custom jewelry. 

Tip: Proper Budget Establishment 

Any client’s plan of action must start with setting a budget. Budgeting is financially responsible and will help the client to realize and appreciate realistic expectations when browsing and make decisions to move forward. Opting for a payment plan means figuring out the type of monthly payment and any down payments. 

Tip: Setting Priorities

After setting an appropriate budget, it is important to set priorities. For example, it is important to establish yourself as a customer if you are looking for a high-quality diamond. Likewise, a customer can also lean towards having a simplistic metal band or choose to have a metal band embellished with a lot of diamonds. After setting priorities jewelers help clients to explore all available options that fall within their price range by helping them making smart compromises. 

Process of Making Smart Compromises:

  • Quality over quantity. It is important to put more money into the diamond as opposed to the mounting. Most experts recommend buying a smaller diamond with higher quality than large diamond stones that have several blemishes. It is hard to find quality diamonds and that makes them more valuable. If one can decide on the best upgrade, the nicer diamond will be worth more money. 
  • The brand is not everything. Suppose you are operating on a limited budget it is better to get a non-designer engagement ring that is usually less expensive than the designer engagement rings.
  • Select a halo setting. Choosing to surround a center stone of lesser weight with pieces of diamond leads to the creation of a beautiful ring that has a vintage look. If the experts do it correctly, it makes the piece appear larger. 
  • Having custom diamonds does not mean being expensive. If one cannot find the best ring for the set price range, it is important to collaborate with jewelers in the creation of unique pieces. It is important for the jewelers to create a stress-free custom experience and include a face-to-face consultation that can help the clients to learn more about the processes involved in custom jewelry designing. 

In the long-term, similar compromises can help any client to make the most out of the budget that they set. However, it is important to always keep in mind that you can upgrade engagement rings as anniversary gifts or surprises.