How to find out a ring size and what comes next when purchasing fine jewelry

The growth of the internet has allowed people to have access to all corners of the globe. During the pandemic, people rarely left the comfort of their homes to run errands because most of the things were accessible and available on the internet. The same is true about gaining measurements before ordering jewelry or even hinting at unique engagement rings. You can visit a jeweler, but that does not match or meet the desired secrecy standards. Significantly, it ruins the subtlety of unintentionally leaving browsers open to allow partners to get hints.

Your ring always needs to fit your finger comfortably. It needs to be snug enough not to fall off and loose enough to slide off with some resistance. Ring sizes in the United States adhere to a scale of half numbers and numbers that range from ring size 3 to 13.5 for most adults. At the same time, women's ring sizes range between sizes 3 and 9, men's fall between sizes 4 and 14. The sizes match the finger's width in millimeters. Before spending any money, it is recommended to take measurements to have a fitting ring. Some of the pointers you ought to keep in mind include: 

  • Consider your knuckle. If you know that your knuckle leans on the larger side, it is necessary to order a ring size bigger than the finger indicates. Otherwise, the ring will not be able to slide to the right place. 
  • Certify accuracy with several tries. Greenleaf Diamonds recommends measuring your finger multiple times because the size of the finger fluctuates depending on temperature. It can shrink when it is cold and swell under sweltering heat.

Some of the most common ways for establishing the ring size include using strings, checking against the ring chart, and using a ring sizer. 

Can I use floss or strings to measure the finger?

You can establish the ring size using strings or floss, and it is simple. For that, take the measurement tool you select and wrap it around the base of your finger. Mark where the floss or string overlaps with a pen and then line up with a rule to note the length in millimeters. With standard ring sizes, every half-size matches up to a 0.4 millimeters increment, starting with size 3 equaling 14 mm. It would help if you used the ring size chart to know the number of millimeters each ring size correlates to before buying. 

Can I use a ring-size chart? 

You can take accurate measurements of your ring size using pieces of jewelry that you own. Print a true-to-size ring size chart and place the details on the circles until you reach a size that matches the inside circumference of the ring. 

What about buying a ring sizer?

If you are apprehensive about using strings or the ring size chart because they do not guarantee the accuracy, consider buying a ring-measurement tool. Ring sizers can be expensive, but there are several options available online. The best ring-sizing tools include thin measuring tapes and key rings lined with a gradient of ring sizes. Greenleaf Diamonds can always fit you in-store as well.


Shopping for fine jewelry is exciting because it offers an opportunity to ask several questions while comparing beautiful designs. Ultimately, you take home the pieces that made your heart melt. 

At our stores, we often meet clients shopping for fine jewelry for the first time, discovering Greenleaf Diamonds' vibrant diamond and gemstone designs, daring and bold jewelry, and like nothing they have seen in other shops. It is vital to put together some questions to also ask before buying jewelry. 

What do I want?

Customers will begin their search for fine jewelry online, but visiting a store or an exhibition is a must because it offers a chance to see all the designs. Before visiting a shop, it is prudent to ask yourself what you want and ponder all the inspirations and themes you like to see in jewelry. It is also essential to embrace open-mindedness and explore several styles because you can fall in love with something different. 

What is precious metal?

If you are browsing and spot a beautiful design, begin by asking questions about all the elements. The first question needs to revolve around the details of the material or stone it is made from to know if it is platinum, gold, or another metal. 

Are they diamonds or gemstones?

If the piece you are looking at contains gemstones or diamonds, find out what they are. Suppose they are blue stones; they can be zircon, sapphire, aquamarine, or even topaz. 

As a customer, it is essential to know that different stones change the piece's wearability and value. Diamonds similarly come in several variations, and all of our experts at Greenleaf Diamonds will explain more about the quality and grade of the diamonds and even show you a chart for grading the diamonds. 

How does it look?

Try the piece on and see how it looks. The team at Greenleaf Diamonds will be happy for you to try the piece on so that you can assess how it sits, the length and decide whether it suits you. Kindly ask for advice and liken it to other pieces to make a reasonable judgment. If it is a ring or bracelet and feels too big, ask the shop about re-sizing. Greenleaf Diamonds is able to make all the adjustments that a client desires. 

Where are the pieces made?

Customers buying fine jewelry like to recognize and appreciate the origin of pieces in the store. Clients typically want to know if the piece was made locally or by goldsmiths in a different studio. It is always good to ask this question to understand the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the more extensive collection. Greenleaf Diamonds Designs and manufacturers all of our own jewelry A-Z.

Can you spot the Hallmarks?

Hallmarks are the symbols and letters on fine jewelry that denote the precious metal and designer or jeweler who made the piece. In some countries, hallmarks are a legal requirement, and they show that a client is buying real platinum, silver, or gold. At Greenleaf Diamonds, the jewelry often features hallmarks to symbolize the precious metal and our stamp that we are delighted to show our customers. 

 Do you offer valuations and certificates?

A trustworthy and caring jewelry shop will offer valuations for the pieces of jewelry a client purchases. Consequently, you can wear it without concern or buy insurance. Gold or platinum jewelry should come with a valuation. Diamond designs must have independent certificates that detail the quality and grade of the diamond that can also lead to valuations. Ask the team at Greenleaf Diamonds for credentials if you are buying diamonds because we only hand pick the highest quality stones available.

How do I clean and take care of the piece?

Another important question relates to how to take good care of the jewelry. As most experts at Greenleaf Diamonds would explain, perfumes and moisturizers can affect pearls and gemstones that can wear every day. It is always good to seek advice on gently cleaning your jewelry and know all the directions for proper storage.  

Do you offer aftercare?

When purchasing fine jewelry, ask the assistants at the store about after-sales services. You have the right to know if we offer a guarantee with different designs and if you can have checked professionally annually. If the piece is something you want to wear daily, aftercare will enable you to wear the piece without worries.

Can you buy something else to match?

At Greenleaf Diamonds, every piece of fine jewelry is unique because of the gemstones and diamonds. Uniqueness is also contingent on the careful stages involved in achieving vibrant designs. Nonetheless, matching arrangements can be made to complement the beauty of the piece a client will buy. If you wish to have a matching design made, ask the assistants at Greenleaf Diamonds if they can offer a bespoke service to have something made just for you.

Buying fine jewelry is not like purchasing other items. It entails styles, proper marketing, and quality. On top of that, most people only dip into fine jewelry purchases a few times in our lives during moments most filled with emotional significance. This means a critical step in finding the perfect piece is to find a trustworthy jeweler.