How Greenleaf Diamonds Makes Custom Jewelry

The creation of custom jewelry is an exciting process. At Greenleaf Diamonds, we help you translate ideas into pieces that are unique but also exciting. If you are interested in the perfect amount of jewelry or desire to redesign an older piece, creating a custom design is a great option to consider. Historically, Greenleaf Diamonds has assisted a very diverse clientele in designing unique pieces from scratch. The steps we follow as a jeweler are unique and ideal for the most outstanding designs. 

Begin with an initial concept

The potentials here are infinite. Greenleaf Diamonds can bring virtually any jewelry design in a client's mind to life. Our experts and consultants always welcome the challenge.  

As a customer, you need to have a general idea that must form part of the design during the project's first phase. Do not worry so much about specifics before walking into a store. Our team will assist you and collaboratively create your custom design.  For instance, you might be having some trouble finding a perfect engagement ring. Equally, you may know some of the characteristics you desire but cannot picture them exactly. If you were to consult Greenleaf Diamonds and offer an explanation, our experts would begin work on the piece by having a general understanding of the concept. 

Creation of a rough sketch

After deciding upon the jewelry's design, Greenleaf Diamonds employees will work with you to create a rough sketch of the jewelry or show you several pictures to reveal the features that it will have. Essentially, this will serve as the best way to show you how to make your design come to life and have an idea of how it will look.  

Use of CAD software to create your design

From the rough sketch, the team at Greenleaf Diamonds will create a CAD (computer-aided design) rendering of the custom design so that the piece appears as a three-dimensional digital image. In the visual or rendering, the team will include the metal used and any colored gemstones you may have on the piece. It will be possible to rotate the final image so that one can see it from different angles. The experts can show you the CAD visuals in person or send them via email so that you can view them from a remote location. This is the phase of creating custom designs where you need to make last-minute changes before starting work on the final product. 

Creation of a resin or wax model

After you approve of the CAD rendering of the piece of custom jewelry, the experts begin the CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) portion of the development. Using state-of-the-art technology, the experts produce a resin or wax model of the piece. This model is cast and using the near-final version of your custom design, the team will work on bringing your piece to life. 

Building and hand-finishing your custom piece

All models are then cast in gold or platinum in our cutting edge casting studio. After the piece cools, professionals use hand tools to bring out each piece's perfectly bright and lustrous finish. With the aid of a 10X diamond setting microscope, skilled master jewelers then set each gemstone and diamond carefully after meticulous screening and selection. With the aid of different buffing wheels and polishing compounds, the jewelers work on the pieces to ensure that they attain the best luster and reflective shine that matches their value. Importantly, Greenleaf Diamonds also applies a Rhodium bath for white gold and ensures that the pieces go through a thorough quality check before dispatching to clients. 

You might have a good sense of what it will look like, but nothing compares to seeing your dream brought to life for the first time. Then you get to enjoy your uniquely built piece for a lifetime!

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